Today I Celebrate Pillars of Strength

Today, as I celebrate my father, I think of all the ways he has shown his love for my sisters and I. For years, my Papi lived constantly surrounded by girly commotions. All the while, we hardly ever heard a mean peep out of him. Sense of humor was never lacking in our home. His laughter has always been a constant, as was ours. Sing-alongs were tweaked in exchange for a giggle and funny faces stood frozen for a moment in time. Family togetherness was a key component in our everyday life. When I was 2yrs old, my Mami was encouraged by her doctors to travel to the United States to seek better care for her deteriorating eye-sight. Without hesitation, my father gave up his career as a chemist in Costa Rica in order to keep the family intact. The States became our adopted home and times got tough. But, my Papi took the difficulties with stride and continues to do so. No words can express how proud I am of him. To think of all the sacrifices he has made for our family and to do it with nothing but love in his heart. He is a remarkable man and one that I'm privileged to call my Papi.

Today, as I celebrate my husband, I think of the blessing he is to my little guy and myself. God blessed us with a man who is totally dedicated to our family, giving us his all each and everyday. The day our little guy was born, a proud daddy was born as well. With tears of joy, his love for him was immediately evident. I always knew he was a great man, but to see his greatness blossom into fatherhood makes my love for him even stronger. He works hard so that I'm able to stay-at-home. Never has he complained about my not working (outside of the home). He understands that being a stay-at-home mom is not an easy task. It's an amazing feeling to know that my hard-work is being validated. I see in him the happy spirit of my Papi. For the sake of the little guy's laughter, he'll pull up his pants in an old man's fashion and talk as if he hasn't got one tooth left. There's nothing like seeing the child in a man, coming out to play with his children. In him, I see the reflection of two great fathers, mine and his.

Today, as I celebrate my Father-in-law, Jerry, I'm filled with gratitude, thanking him for molding my husband into the wonderful man and father he is today. Greatness is not something you can learn in a day or two. It takes a lifetime of teachings to nurture a great soul. He led by example teaching his boys how to lead a respectful and honorable life. It shows in the way my husband takes care of his family. It shows in the way my husband speaks to me. It shows in the way my husband smiles. All the greatness I see in my Father-in-law, I see in my husband.

Today, as I celebrate these three great men, I'm reminded of how fortunate my little guy is, as am I, to have such pillars of strength in our lives. I thank God for the gift of these men. What a blessing it would be to see my little guy follow in their footsteps.


McCrakensx4 said...

What wonderful men you have in your life...you are truly blessed! Enjoy your day and happy father's to to yours!

Beth in NC said...

Such a wonderful post honoring the men in your life!

So sweet!

Bridget said...

What a sweet post and tribute to three special men in your life!

Josh, Steph, The Boys and Maddie said...

Daddy's and grandpa's are the very best! My kids wouldn't be who they aren't today for those men in their lives!

Alicia said...

Miti....that was such a beautiful tribute to the three men in your life! What a great example for your lil' guy!!!!

E @ Scottsville said...

How blessed you are to have these wonderful men in your life!

Blessed by God!!!


christy rose said...

It sounds like you have three wonderful men to help shape and mold your little guy's life!

Mich said...

How Sweet!

God is so Awesome in how he gives us such special people to love.

I enjoyed reading your blog. I'll be back.

3 Bay B Chicks said...

What an amazingly beautiful family you have, Miti. I loved learning about not only the men in your life, but also some of the other family members you described in your other posts. Before I knew it, I think I had read almost everything on your front page.

Amazing blog you have here!


Carin said...

wonderful, wonderful post of the men in your life!

Five Moms & A Blog said...


So glad you haven't had any awful moments with your little one. My first was a breeze --- nothing could have prepared me for "The Adventures With Riley!" =0)



Five Moms & A Blog said...

I love the pictures and what a sweet tribute to all the daddies in your life!

I have been accused of being overprotective over the years, but I would rather be overprotective than underprotective! It's just a balance and doing what is best for your kids!

EL at Through My Own Lens said...

{GASP}! No I ♥ Faces entry for you this week even with those two handsome fellas you have living with you?!?! Hope all is well Miti!

Anonymous said...

Hi Miti,

Thanks for coming over and introducing yourself. I am really looking forward to meeting you in person on Tuesday. It's going to be so much fun!

He And Me + 3 said...


How did I miss this wonderful heartfelt post to the three wonderful father's in your life. I did a similiar one too, but was not quite as sweet as you. Your post was beautiful and I hope they all read your blog & see how much you love and appreciate them all.
Happy Late Father's day to them all!
See you next tuesday!
So excited!

Five Moms & A Blog said...

Your words are beautiful! I love this post! One of my favorites for sure! You and Mason are soooo BLESSED!!!!

PS. Word Verification dude really does LOVE me...who knew.;)