My Little Einstein

I'm so impressed with all Mason has already learned.

I know that all moms are proud of their kids and bragging is just part of mother territory, but Mason REALLY amazes me. He is unbelievably wise beyond his 2 little years. Even before he turned 2, I could see the little wheels in his head turning. By then he had already learned his colors and could count to 10. Oh....did I mention he already knows his ABCs? One of his absolute favorite things to do is play on the computer. It's so funny to see him move his tiny little finger across the touch pad, click the button and just like that he's got Cartoon Network or Playhouse Disney at his fingertips. Just the other day, he figured out how to highlight a sentence. Who knows, maybe he'll be the next Bill Gates....maybe he won't. But, no matter what he decides to do, I know he's got what it takes to be a shinning star.


R and R Stacy said...

Adorable! What a smart little guy.
Happy Wednesday!!