{characterized by a dirty, untidy, or disordered condition:
causing a mess: a messy birthday boy}

On May 23, 2007 we celebrated our little boy's 1st birthday. It was a day I had been looking forward to long before I felt his first kick. I remember being so excited that I forgot my own birthday when it came around exactly one month before. Life changes in an instant when a little one comes along. All my thoughts are about Mason and what would make him happy. I wanted to make his very first birthday the happiest ever. I made his birthday cake EXTRA special with all the Sesame St. gang and TONS and TONS of bright green icing. What can I say? You only turn 1 once.......might as well go to town with it and get down right MESSY!

Wanna see more down right messy faces?

Check them out @ I Heart Faces.
This week they've added a beginners category.
To qualify as a beginner, you must answer yes to 3 or more of the following questions:
  • Have you recently started taking photos or taking photography more seriously?
Yes I have. Ever since Mason was born 2 yrs ago I'm constantly taking pictures. My photos of him are precious to me and I want to make sure I capture every special moment.

  • Do you have NO idea how your camera works yet?
I've had my Kodak Easyshare for about a year now. I know the basics, but when it comes to all those special features, I've got NO idea. I do play with the different settings, because I'm curious of what they do. But, the pictures usually come out all out of wack.
  • Are your skills average or below average?
I would have to say that at their very best my skills are average. I would love to someday have the great skills to take beautiful shots like all those I see here on I Heart Faces. They're so talented!
  • Are you clueless when we talk about Aperture?
Not only am I clueless. I have no idea how to say it.
  • You don't even know what editing means....let alone have an editing program for you photos?
This is a tricky one because I know what editing means....but knowing how to edit is another story. I have a program called Photo Explosion. I used it for the messy photo above but I just fidget with it until I like what I see. And that takes a pretty LONG time since I'm really not sure what I'm doing. I would love to have Photoshop one day!
  • Are you willing to be open for constructive criticism from the other participants?
Of course! I'm here to learn, so have at it.



Rhonda said...

I love Birthday cake messy pictures! Cute!

Pineapple Princess said...

Now that's some green frosting! He looks like he thoroughly enjoyed himself! :)

MELISSA said...

Very messy! Cute photo!

Kristin said...

love the bright green in your picture!

Alicia said...

Oh yes...1st birthday parties are the best!!! The cake is always the highlight!!

I'm so glad you stopped by my blog!! It's great to meet new bloggers!!

Nene said...

Oh he is just too cute for words! What a fabulous picture! Great entry!

Karyn Kuniyuki said...

Miti, Thanks for visiting my pics! That isn't me in the photo, remember? I'm behind the camera! But I was present and had my boys in tow and we literally stripped them in the parking lot and made them ride home in diapers! Love the green frosting! Check back to iheartfaces later in the week for a tutorial I wrote on file sizes, might help you get a clearer pic of that great messy kiddo!

Life with Kaishon said...

Green icing is the coolest! I love how you wrote about how you forgot your own Birthday after he was born. That's how I feel too. I used to have a life, but now it's all about my baby (9 year old baby) and things that used to be so important aren't so important anymore : ).

Love how you answered the questions too. You are funny!

Carebear said...

Awwww... your story was so touching. The first birthday is so special! Love the BRIGHT GREEN icing! Wish it was a little clearer so we could see his darling face better (your last week's entry of him was SO CUTE)! But this definitely fits the theme well!

DawnS said...

What a cute little boy you have there!

Pam D said...

There's nothing like that first birthday cake! Sweet, sweet memories... just like that green icing! Thanks for stopping by my blog; yours is beautiful!

Missy said...

Thanks for commenting on my photo.. your photo is a timeless classic.. cute..