The Eyes Have It

Here it is. My second entry for the I Heart Faces blog. This week's theme is "The Eyes Have It". And anyone who knows Mason can tell you that he can give you a look to kill. I don't know where he get's it from. I guess he is his own person. Believe it or not, they're not all mean looks he gives. Here's one that's a little sweet, a little playful, and a whole lot of mischievous. It makes me wonder, "What is he thinking?"

For the adults category I chose a picture from my little sister Scarlett's wedding. I love this picture. Ladies usually don't kiss and tell, but when it comes to giving the bride some honeymoon secrets, we don't hold back. Judging by her eyes, they must have been some good ones.

I Heart Faces has also tagged this week with a pets category. Our dog-gone good dog, Petey, is the greatest dog any family could ever ask for. His perfect little black eyes won our hearts over. It was love at first sight.


Stephanie said...

Aww what sweet pictures...love the little puppy:) Great job!

Its Me(SARA) Behind the Camera said...

awwww I love all of the pictures!!! 3 amazing photos! the puppy is so cute! :)