Frustration Meltdown

Ahhh! It's a beautiful day. After almost a week of cloud covered skies, the sunshine is shining down and the clouds have rolled away. Those clouds can really put a damper on a stay-at-home mom's day. I'm not a big fan of the rain. I guess you can say I'm sort of a solar powered mom. Now that the sun's out, I'm full of energy and ready to start the new day. And then, just when I was starting to feel so optimistic,

I hit a bump in the road.

It's not a BIG deal, just one of the everyday struggles in my mommy adgenda, getting Mason to eat. What could be so hard about eating a bowl of Fruity Pebbles? This could determine the whole outlook of the day. Either he'll put up a fight and the day could just tumble down from there OR he could just swallow his pride and his Fruity Pebbles and everyone's happy. And then, with just one little comment, all my frustration starts to melt away. I say to him "Mason, I am the mommy. You need to listen to me." He responds, "Mommy, I am the Mason Grant Chapman." Tears on the verge turn into giggles of laughter. Thanks again Mason, for another laugh!