A Moment I'll Remember

When something really special's happening in your life and you want to shout it on top of the rooftops, do you find yourself trying to find the perfect way to share it with the world?  I, for one, want to make it a meaningful moment, one that I'll remember forever, down to every little detail - the atmosphere, the people, the reactions and the way the message was told. 

Which brings me to this little figure.  It  doesn't belong to me.  Nevertheless, it's very special to me and it always takes me back to a dear moment in time.  It was a gift I gave to my mom on her birthday a few years ago.  The whole family had gathered at a Mexican restaurant for her special day.  Little did everyone know that there was going to be more to celebrate that night than a birthday.

Like always, I thought long and hard about the perfect gift for my mom. But this particular year, it had to be extra special!  I searched high and low and I was beginning to think I wasn't going to find what I was looking for.  I didn't know exactly what it was, but as soon as I saw it, I knew I had found the perfect gift.  Hidden behind a collection of nick-nacks, laid this beautiful little figurine of a boy sitting on his grandmother's lap with the sweetest little quote. 

~El amor mas perfecto a veces no llega hasta que nacen los nietos.~
Sometimes the most perfect love doesn't arrive until the the birth of your grandchildren.

Not only was it in Spanish but it was also exactly what I had been looking for and it was the perfect way to share my big news with my mom.  It took her some time to realize the meaning behind it, but when she did, it was a moment to remember!

Wishing Every Mother a Beautiful Mother's Day!
Especially Mine!


Cathy said...

So beautiful!

Debbie said...

That gave me goose bumps, how heartfelt and thoughtful of you! Following you back:) have a great weekend.

christy rose said...

It is absolutely beautiful! Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day Miti!

He & Me + 3 said...

That was perfect in every way. Love that. Happy MOther's Day to you too.

momstheword said...

Oh that's so sweet! What a precious memory!

I'm glad you don't mind ugly because yeah, it's pretty ugly but it does taste good, lol! Happy Mother's Day!

Bridget said...

Oh what a sweet way to share your wonderful news with your family! What a great memory!

Judy said...

What a very special way to share the news of a baby! I know she will cherish that little figurine forever! Happy Mother's Day!

Andrea said...

Blessings, andrea

Mich said...

I love that!

Happy Mother's Day!

Erin said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! The "skirt refashion" is not as difficult as it looks. Start messing with your machine, and you'll figure it out. I just started sewing in October, and now I am selling bags to people. Good luck and happy mother's day!

sanjeet said...

So beautiful!
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