Welcome to the Little Leagues

Yesterday marked another first for Mason.  

It was his very first day of practice as a member of the Granite Falls Reds.  Before getting down to business, he made sure to catch a little down time, of course.  But it didn't last long.  

 The clock ticked to 6:30pm and it was time to get serious, and I DO mean serious.  Coach Jeff wasn't about to let his team run around like a bunch of WILD kids.  

This coach had a job to do.  And he did it quite well.  He tamed those kids and made sure they knew they were there to do one thing - to learn the game of baseball. 

Mason has never played on a team before, but you wouldn't have known it by looking at him.  He looked like pro out there.  

 Yes at times, running wild, but mostly tamed.  

He took direction pretty well and enjoyed time with his new teammates, his BIG cousin, Ki-Ki, and his little buddy, Eli.  

Welcome to the Little Leagues guys!


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Heart2Heart said...


He looks like a champ already! WOO HOO and hoping one day to see him in the Majors!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Tamela said...

Go Mason! I know he will be an awesome player!!

Cathy said...

Such great pictures. He's so cute! When he makes the Big Leagues some day will you get me tickets so I can watch him play!

Carrie said...

That is adorable! I love when they start to learn sports, it's so cute...and it's all about having fun and being on a team! He looks like a natural baseball player! Way to go! Too cute!

He & Me + 3 said...

too cute miti. Gosh he looks so tiny. But adorable.

Bridget said...

Great pics of such a big day! Way to go, Mason!

Hannah said...

So cute! You gotta love the beginning of baseball season...so much fun!!

christy rose said...

awww! He looks so little out there!

Alicia said...

Is that really your little guy? LOL! I can't believe he is already that big to be on a team!! He is so cute, and growing up so quickly!!!! I bet you just loved watching his first practice!!!

How are you doing????

Woolverton Girl said...

So cute! He does look like a pro! My little Zander played Kickball this fall and those little guys were so fun to watch. I'm sure you all will enjoy the season!

Lou said...

what great pics! you're little guy is so cute.