My Trip to Hollywood!!

These photos were taken September of 2008 while on our trip to Wilmington, NC (known as the Hollywood of the East). Wilmington is a great place to visit for many reasons, one of which is that One Tree Hill is filmed there. It's one of my favorite t.v. obsessions. We got to visit many of the locations seen on the show. (Click on the links to see the stars in action.)

Here's me checking out the Clothes Over Bros. Boutique. Unfortunately, Brooke had to close shop for the day.

Where have all the stars gone?

Although I didn't get a glimpse of any cast members, I did get a glimpse of some of the starring manikins.

Wanna see for yourself?

This is where all the magic happens.

Notice the filming equipment lying on the floor? Pretty cool, huh.

While visiting the USS North Carolina Battleship, we stumbled upon this. This basketball court is a popular spot for the kids of Tree Hill.

This shot was taken in a quaint little courtyard located in between the street lined boutiques and The Cotton Exchange. Can you tell who was on a sugar rush after eating some ice cream? This was the very first photo I posted for the debut of Pieces of Me back in October. Boy, how time flies.

Speaking of debuts, don't forget to check out my debut at Five Moms and a Blog today. Hope y'all enjoy it!

Most moms have an obsession of photographing their families that they rarely are ever seen coming out from behind the camera. That's why Carin @ Forever in Blue Jeans created a new challenge for all blogging mamas. It's called 52 Weeks. Every week moms will be stepping away from their cameras and sharing the spotlights with their loved ones. Looking through my photos, I discovered that it's so true. I'm missing in action in most of the shots. And really it doesn't bother me one bit. Well......maybe just a little. I would have to say that when I look at pictures of me growing up, my favorites aren't the ones of me alone. They're the ones that capture me with my family, especially my parents. So, I'm excepting the challenge.


Forever In Blue Jeans


Alicia said...

What great pictures, Miti!!!!!

I can imagine being on a "set" of a show that I'm a huge fan of!!

You have such a cute family!!

The Real Me! said...

Sounds like loads of fun! You guys are so cute!

He And Me + 3 said...


You are so cute. I love me some NC. It truly is God's country. I love it there. Great pictures. Too funny, but that family picture reminds me of so many of ours...the kids trying to escape. lOL

Darcie said...

I saw a star...didn't you? She was standing in front of that little boutique. :o) Great picture with you and your guys.

E @ Scottsville said...

Hey, next time you go, can I tag along? YOu can just put me in your suitcase til we get there!!!

You'll hate me for saying this, but I've never seen even one episode of One Tree Hill. How sad is that? I'm a REALITY TV FREAK!

Josh, Steph, The Boys and Maddie said...

What great pictures! Sounds like you had a blast!

Woolverton Girl said...

That is very neat. I've never watched that show, but I beat it was very cool to see it since you are such a big fan!

Carin said...

Great pictures! the one at that little cafe is great and of course the family picture is wonderful. glad you had a fun time!

jen@odbt said...

Nice to meet you too! I'd like to visit Wilmington one day. Your comment about the sugar rush is too funny and now it's forever captured in a photo. What a great one of you and your family.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for stopping by our blog. Fun to get "acquainted". Have a great weekend!

Alison from This Front Porch

Kristin said...

Fun pictures...I love North Carolina; I always enjoy visiting there it's so pretty!

Tamela said...

hehe u crack me up! You can call me tweety if you want! Good Luck! :)

jennykate77 said...

What a fun trip!! That's so cool that you got to see all of that stuff from One Tree Hill. I don't watch the show much, but it is cool to see in person things from a show. Cute cute pics of your family!

I'm going to check out what else I've been missing. Sorry I've been MIA. I'm trying to catch up!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

momstheword said...

I tried to comment on this before but for some reason I couldn't. We'll try today.

I have never seen One Tree Hill so of course wouldn't know the cast or the locations. But it looks like you were having fun!

Great pictures!

Five Moms & A Blog said...

The only sure cure for CCD is chopping off all of your fingers. I think its a bit drastic, so I choose to just live with my condition. I, like you, have my good days and my bad days. Today has been a very, very, very bad day! ha ha ha I must've left a million comments!!! ha ha ha

Happy Memorial Day!

Five Moms & A Blog said...

Oh I would so fail the vision test. There is no hope there. Corrective lenses all the way baby!

Love ya!
~ Nan