Introducing My Three Lucky B-Earth Day Winners

I know all of you have been wondering,
"Did I Win? Did I Win?"
And the answer is.....
(That is if my little assistant drew your name
and announces it down below :)

So, without further ado...DRUM ROLL PLEASE!

Winner #1

Winner #2

Winner #3

Thanks again to Everybody for participating in my B-Earth Day Giveaway.
You all are WINNERS in my eyes!

If you did hear your name, click on my E-mail button so I'll know where to send your


Robyn said...

Congrad's to the lucky winners!

EL at Through My Own Lens said...

WOO HOO!!! I am so so so darn excited! I love reusable bags and I ♥ Kohls!!! You are so sweet to have a giveaway for YOUR big day!

PS - Mason is SO adorable and such a little smarty!!!

jennykate77 said...

Congrats to your lucky winners!! Your little helper is ADORABLE!!

I'm so glad you got your package already!! I thought it might not get there until tomorrow! YAY!

Hope you've been having a wonderful week!

The Real Me! said...

I'm not a 100% sure but I think that last one was mine! LOL. I'm so kidding! I wish it where.
Congrats to the winners!

He And Me + 3 said...

did he read those? Cute videos.

Miti said...

Nah...he didn't read it. He just repeated after me, but he did draw the names.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations winners!

ROSIDAH said...

Congratulations to the winners :)!