Time to Downsize!

It didn't just occur to me. I've known it all along. I've got to lose this baby fat. Let's face it, the baby is technically not a baby anymore. My quest for skinny jeans began Wednesday when I joined in on the fun at a Zumba class. Yes, I said fun. Who would have thought that exercising would be fun! Not me, that's for sure. I guess you could describe Zumba as aerobics meets Latin dancing. It was fun, but keeping up with the rest was a different story. Coordination is not my thing. You would think it would come easy to me since I am a latina. But, that's o.k. It didn't discourage me. I'm determined to make Zumba a piece of me. But that's not all. My hubby and I have also started doing the Weight Watchers thing together. The future's looking skinny for me and my jeans.


Anonymous said...

Your blog looks great! Especially the pictures. I've been doing Zumba with Miti. I'm the girl in the video right in the middle. Zumba does the body good huh? Just kidding... but I do hope to get there one day. I'll see you in Zumba on Wednesday. Annette