God could not be everywhere,
so He created Mothers.

~ Jewish Proverb ~

There's someone special I'd like to introduce y'all to. This is my "Mamie"! I'm not really sure where to begin. There's so much I can say about my Mamie. She's a rare commodity with a heart of gold, always giving the best she's got to give. Even since before I was born, I could feel her undying devotion towards me.

This is our story.
Some thirty years ago, Mamie received what I believe to be the worst advice she's ever received. The advisers were her doctors. I'm sure they had their best intentions in mind, but if she would have followed through, I would not be sitting here this very moment. After analyzing numerous ultrasounds, the doctors adviced my Mamie to have an abortion. Til this day, she remembers their exact words. "It's just not reasonable to give birth to THAT THING you're carrying. You will only regret IT. It's NOTHING BUT A VEGETABLE!" they said. There were NO ARMS NOR LEGS visible in the ultrasounds. Abortion was a word completely absent from her mind, and little did they know that God was on my Mamie's side. She was constantly in a state of prayer. Praying the rosary in her hospital gown pleading with the Heavens above to send a miracle her way. Each day more people would gather to join her in her plead. Doctors, nurses, the healthy, and even the sick crowded around her as she prayed. The day I arrived, the doctors could not believe their eyes. There I was with all my limbs and perfectly healthy. Mamie received the miracle she had been longing for. I'm so thankful to her for believing in the POWER of PRAYER and for saving me.
We truly are a MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN!




Alicia said...

Oh, Miti.....what a beautiful story!!!!!! That is truly a miracle!!!!! I hope those doctors thought twice next time they gave out "advice" like that!!

Have a blessed Mother's Day!!

Oh..and regarding your comment, I know exactly what you mean!! When I was younger, I always wanted to look "older." LOL, and now it's the opposite! Haha!

He And Me + 3 said...

Miti! Thank you so much for sharing that beautiful story of miracle..proving once again that giving birth is truly a miracle & that Prayer Changes Things! You are such a beautiful person and my world is a brighter because you are in it via blogland!
Love Ya Sista!

Jodee Leader said...

Holy cow! I can't believe your story! I am soooo glad your mom didn't follow that bad advice!

Hope you have a Happy Mother's Day!

momstheword said...

Oh wow. What an awesome tribute to the faithfulness of God and of your mom's faithfulness!

So glad that she didn't listen to her doctor's but listened to her heart instead!

Red Thread said...

Wow...what a story. It just goes to show the power of faith, prayer and God. What a beautiful, beautiful story. I can only imagine the relationship you and your mom share. Very touching.

E @ Scottsville said...

Wow Miti! What an awesome testimony both you and she have. WOW! Our God is an awesome God!

Happy Belated Mother's Day!!

an ordinary Saffa girl said...

Thought provoking and just plain wonderful post :)

Cheryl Lage said...

Oh Miti===
Thank God for Mamie's faith and wisdom! What a wondrous story. :)

Happy Way Back When-esday---
Thanks for playing along!